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Photo Gallery: street art in Flint

Photo Gallery: street art in Flint
March 3, 2020

The city of Flint plays host to a number of street artists, many of which like to use buildings as an artistic medium. Check out the gallery below to see a small portion of this artwork.

Flint has been at a clean water deficit for five years

he flint water Crisis emerged when an executive decision was made to switch water sources from Lake Huron water to water from the Flint River (Pictured).
May 9, 2019

The Flint General Motors Truck Assembly plant stopped using Flint tap water when it started corroding engine parts. But it was also corroding the lead pipes that brought water to the city. On April 24,...

2017-18 First Team Flint Metro League athletes

At this weekends meet, junior Joey Haiss shows his excitement as his teammate gets first place in his event. The boys swim team competed against approximately 12 schools and they earned second place at their county meet.
April 25, 2018

Spring Sports Check this link in June to see spring sports First team Flint Metro League athletes. Football Volleyball Boys Soccer Golf Boys Tennis Girls Swim Boys Basketball Girls...

Students take college courses on FHS campus

Students take college courses on FHS campus
November 28, 2017

They graduated high school and hit the ground running toward college. Throughout their high school career teachers had the mindset of preparing students for college and the real world, but no matter how...

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