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Andrea Elsholz

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief

For her fourth year on staff and senior year of high school, Andrea Elsholz will be the Editor in Chief for print edition for the Fenton InPrint. Andrea’s love of writing originally blossomed from making up short stories as a little kid and has grown ever since. On staff, Andrea designs pages, writes, conducts interviews, edits, and occasionally draws editorial cartoons or artwork for pages. Outside of journalism, Andrea loves science, music and soccer. In her free time she does jazz band, marching band, soccer, KEY club, National Honor Society and environmental club.

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“I got really into tennis as well as playing the tuba in multiple ensembles. Strangely enough I’ve grown to really like math. I like to think of it as a problem solving class rather than just numbers and letters. I am currently in Geometry. When I graduate high school I want to be an architect, so knowing how to find measurements is a good skill and something necessary for that career. I like to draw buildings and spaces and I really like how my ideas can be put in the real world as something people will see or use every day.” - sophomore Ian Mills

People of Fenton: sophomore Ian Mills

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief
August 31, 2021
“If I only had one more week to live, I would find a good place and go hiking. A mountainous area outside of the United States, like in South America; the old Incan empire, Machu Picchu. I could be alone there. It would be a tranquil moment before I die. I think something about hiking gives you a sense of personal fulfillment. There is great solitude in nature that allows you to really get a chance to reflect.” - senior Dominic Krusniak

People of Fenton: senior Dominic Krusniak

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor and Chief
August 4, 2021
“If there were no limitations, financial or otherwise, I would buy a house on the east coast on a lake and it would be kinda spooky and every year there would be one day where I would throw a massive halloween party that would be catered to a very select clientele and it would be extremely elaborate, with a very grandiose dinner arranged. The house would be one of those Victorian houses. It has to be on a lake with a very particular name and an eerie doc that has a rowboat. At night the lake would get very foggy and we would send people out on the row boat to the lake and scare them. Inside the house, there would be a lot of scooby doo doors and hidden walkways and long halls with old portraits hanging on them where the eyes seem to follow you as you walk by. Whenever someone asks me what I would do if I won the lottery, this is always my answer.” -senior Chelsea Bujak

People of Fenton: senior Chelsea Bujak

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor and Chief
June 16, 2021
“My favorite thing [about gymnastics and soccer] is definitely the teams. I love all the girls in both sports and we all always have so much fun together. I love being able to hang out with the different groups and people that I might not normally hang out with and I always love getting to know the new team members and welcoming them into our family. It’s always so rewarding to share the sports I love with my friends and be able to share the successes with such fun groups. 
As for balancing school and sports that can get tricky sometimes. There have definitely been a lot of stressful late nights throughout my high school career where I would get home from a game or competition late at night and still have a lot of homework to do. I don’t get a whole lot of free time so I’ve really had to learn how to use my time wisely. I typically try to plan my whole week out in advance and get as much work done on the weekends as I can so that I have time during the week to do any random assignments thrown my way. But many of my teachers have been very understanding and helpful in the past and my parents always offer to help with stuff when I get stressed out which is so appreciated and helpful.” - senior Lauren Hayden

People of Fenton: senior Lauren Hayden

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief
May 5, 2021
“I first got into theater after seeing my sister in a show. I thought ‘wow that looks fun’ and I wanted to be a part of it. I was about six at the time. Theater is a great way for me to meet new people. Even though theater people are a little odd, that is what I love about them. Some of the best memories I have with my theater friends are from cast parties. Usually we would play games or sing at the top of our lungs and stay up super late having fun. It was a chance for us to hang out and get to know one another.” -senior Lilah Dagenais

People of Fenton: senior Lilah Dagenais

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief
April 14, 2021
“I work about 15 hours a week at Pipsqueak Boutique in Fenton as part of the work study program. It’s going to give me a lot of job experience for my intended major. I am looking at going into marketing and communications. I chose Pipsqueak Boutique because I love my coworkers and the customers. I have a very good relationship with the owner; I have known them for about seven or eight years as well. They all serve as a big positive in my life, especially in weird times, while giving me experience I need for what I want to do later in life on a smaller, more personal scale.” - Victoria Carnell

People of Fenton: senior Victoria Carnell

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief
March 3, 2021
Fenton High launches The Positivity Project

Fenton High launches The Positivity Project

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor-in-Chief
October 1, 2020
“I believe in always helping others and being selfless in general. I never try to focus on myself all that much, instead I try to see how I can make things better for everyone. It probably stems from my beliefs: I am Christian. I just try to see what’s important to me. Through recent years, a lot of my friends have been having hard times and I make an effort to give them attention. Sometimes, it’s not about just asking what’s wrong, but trying to hang out with them and be there to show them that life is still good and that things will get better once they get past what they’re going through. Show them that they can be happy, make them laugh, be silly together.” - junior Luke Snowaert

People of Fenton: junior Luke Snowaert

Andrea Elsholz, Features Editor
February 25, 2020
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