Key Club puts on heroes day for children at World of Wonder

Andrea Elsholz, Writer

Children charge across the school as Kiwanis Club members dressed in superhero gear chase them. They dodge and weave streams of silly string and roll through obstacle courses alongside their favorite heroes in an event called heroes day.

“Heroes day is an event put on by the World of Wonder where volunteers dress up as superheroes and help kids from the community play games inspired by superheroes,” sophomore Elizabeth Goodman said. “I saw the opportunity to do it in KEY Club and I always enjoy events that we do that involve hanging out with kids. There were games where kids were chased around with silly string, like spiderman’s web. There was another game where they shot pictures of villains with squirt guns and there was also an inflatable obstacle course.”

The event was held on Saturday Jan. 27 at FIS. The day of play for the kids has been regarded as a good cure for when the temperature goes down and boredom goes up.

“I think the kids had fun pretending to be superheroes and playing with the other kids,” sophomore Karenna Mansour said. “The parents in the community also seem to like heroes day because it gives their children something to do when it’s too cold outside to play.”PHOTO Emma Senyko

Dodging Spiderman’s silly string webs, running through obstacle courses and blasting villains with squirt guns gave the children a chance to be active.

“Heroes day was a good way to get the kids out of the house and release some energy,” Goodman said. “I think the goal was to make the kids feel more confident and powerful. And to get them moving. The kids all seemed to really enjoy themselves and especially liked seeing the adults dressed up too.”

The work of the KEY Club volunteers do not stop there, they often put on events where they find themselves surrounded by children and the community.

“KEY Club normally does a lot of work in the community,” Mansour said. “The events we do are usually for kids where volunteers get to help them with whatever they are doing, like arts and crafts. KEY Club does a lot of events like this throughout the year. Some of our biggest ones are safety town and lunch with santa. Our very next one is Clara’s Hope, but we also help at the share room every Monday.”

KEY Club’s next event, Clara’s Hope, an auction to raise money for foster care, will be held Friday Feb. 2, at 6 p.m. at the Freedom center.