People of Fenton: senior Chelsea Bujak


“If there were no limitations, financial or otherwise, I would buy a house on the east coast on a lake and it would be kinda spooky and every year there would be one day where I would throw a massive halloween party that would be catered to a very select clientele and it would be extremely elaborate, with a very grandiose dinner arranged. The house would be one of those Victorian houses. It has to be on a lake with a very particular name and an eerie doc that has a rowboat. At night the lake would get very foggy and we would send people out on the row boat to the lake and scare them. Inside the house, there would be a lot of scooby doo doors and hidden walkways and long halls with old portraits hanging on them where the eyes seem to follow you as you walk by. Whenever someone asks me what I would do if I won the lottery, this is always my answer.” -senior Chelsea Bujak

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor and Chief