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Students share their experiences with outside-of-school sports

Students share their experiences with outside-of-school sports

Molly Killian, Assistant Print Editor August 31, 2021

While Fenton High School offers a wide variety of activities, the student body has an even wider variety of interests and therefore often go to privately-owned organizations so they can participate in...

Amber’s All About Fashion: Fall, Fashion Week & Friends

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor October 1, 2019

The oversized sweater and leggings combination is overdone. I’m not saying I won’t ever wear that outfit combination again, but it’s boring. Sweaters and a leather skirt or fitted pair of dress pants...

“In general, I like to be alone, which makes it hard to make friends. If I can, I’ll try to avoid the situation, but if I can’t, then I just have to face it head on and try my best. If it’s awkward, it’s awkward. I’m new to Fenton; it’s a lot different. But marching band helps me open up; the upperclassmen seem to take to new people pretty well, especially the freshman. I just need people to be understanding and know that I’m not from here. I don’t know how things work very well.” - freshman Ethan Petts

People of Fenton: freshman Ethan Petts

Andrea, Features Editor September 24, 2019

“Friends will come and go and you should always value family because in the end they are always going to be your friend and they will always be with you. I have a small family and I have lost a brother and it makes you really think about life and who is important to you. I had a very good relationship with both of my brothers and my father left when I was three so they were like father figures to me. I respected them. My mom instilled it in us as we were growing up. I would tell my brother I love him and I wish he was here with me.”

People of Fenton: Hallway Aid Donna Fletcher

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief February 7, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Lauren Davis, Online Editor June 5, 2014

Friends, true friends, are hard to come by, so when you develop a friendship that you never want to lose, it almost breaks your heart when life gives you the chance to grow apart. College can seem like...

Mystery vs. History: College-bound seniors decide to room with new or old friends

Amanda West, Writer April 17, 2014

Senior Mallory Turner imagines her dorm and prepares for her June orientation, but there is still one detail she cannot visualize: her future roommate. “I am attending Oakland University in the fall,”...

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