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Drama program does not host spring musical

Drama program does not host spring musical

Anna Ebert, Writer May 11, 2018

Fenton’s financial problems have been evident with students using English textbooks from the 1990s and block scheduling being cut. Although the drama department does not receive money from the district,...

Annual spring All School Musical canceled

Ellie Vasbinder, Writer March 20, 2017

Each spring, students of all grades are given an opportunity to participate in a school musical. This year however, for personal reasons which should remain unnamed, the school musical has been canceled. “I’m...

Sophomore Emily Battaglia as Rosie Alverez with junior Jack Kennings as Albert Peterson.

All school musical comedy ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ brings laughs into the Ruby Zima Auditorium

Alexis Megdanoff, Writer March 31, 2014

Friends and family of the Fenton Community gathered at FHS on March 27, 28, and 29 to watch students from all grades perform the 1958 musical “Bye Bye Birdie,” starring rock and roll star Conrad...

Don’t ‘let it go’ just because ‘Frozen’ is out of theaters

Ymani Ethridge , Writer March 26, 2014

Said to be one of the best Disney movies of all time, “Frozen” is definitely a must-see. Even though some people may not have liked it because they thought it was too much of a “musical,” I absolutely...

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