Don’t ‘let it go’ just because ‘Frozen’ is out of theaters

Said to be one of the best Disney movies of all time, “Frozen” is definitely a must-see. Even though some people may not have liked it because they thought it was too much of a “musical,” I absolutely loved it.

Going into “Frozen,” with my mom, I was expecting just another adventurous Disney movie where the girl gets the guy and they run into the sunset together, but it really was nothing like that. The two main characters, Anna and Elsa, really set the stage for struggling Disney princesses. By struggling, I mean struggling to find themselves. Elsa has the power to magically manipulate snow and ice while Anna is just an ordinary princess.

All Anna wants is to find out why her sister has been isolating herself from her and the world. At Arendell, a ball is thrown from Elsa in honor of her coronation (transformation from a princess to a queen). When Anna confronts Elsa about why she has been so distant, Anna takes one of Elsa’s gloves and refuses to give it back. Elsa runs away and when Anna chases after her, Elsa gets so mad she creates an ice barrier between herself and Anna, showing the whole country of Arendell and others, that she has magical powers. Elsa runs away and creates her own kingdom of ice and was not heard from until the end of the movie.

With her magical powers, Elsa creates a snowman named Olaf that she and Anna (her sister) made up when they were little. Not realizing that her powers were much more powerful than she thought, Olaf comes to life. Olaf is nothing but a blessing to everyone in this movie. Leaving the theatre, I was crying. I was even crying in the theatre and a little boy asked his mom why I was crying. The movie is just cute, too cute and I loved every second of it. The action, the adventure, the love, just really made my day.

“Frozen” is an example of Disney’s old-school charm with a modern twist. Many teenagers can relate to most of the characters. Anna being overzealous, enthusiastic and awkward. Elsa being full of self-doubt, anxiety, and self-isolation. Kristoff being the strong “know it all,” and Olaf being the carefree, innocent and child-like snowman he is. These characters all end up being great assets of one another balancing each other out nicely, especially since there were two princesses.

Even though “Frozen” is a fairy tale about true love, the true love portrayed this movie is the love between sisters. Honestly, every time Anna talked about finding her sister, gave me chills. This movie left tears rolling down the faces of viewers with the amount of love shown in this movie. “Frozen” is a courageous and heart-warming adventure.

When people quote movies, that’s all they say for months and then they stop saying it. Now everyone says it all the time. Vines are made about it, and the line “Do you want to build a snowman?” is used frequently.

Although there are other Disney princess movies with the same concept, it was not hard for director Chris Wedge to think outside of the box. Wedge is known for his other animated movies such as all of the “Ice Age” movies, “Robots,” and “Epic.” Not only was the director was recognized for making great movies, but he is also recognized for making great soundtracks.

Watching the Oscars, I was so looking forward to Idina Menzel, voice of Elsa, performance of “Let It Go,” which ended up being absolutely amazing. When she belted the song on stage, other singers such as Demi Lovato, got inspired and made their own little remix to the song.

If you’re looking for an animated movie filled with love, adventure, and Disney spirit, then “Frozen”is definitely the way to go. Falling in love with all of the characters, I would absolutely go see it again. Frozen was released on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 18.