Coaches have high hopes for the upcoming spring season

Cameron Mathews, Online Sports Editor

As the snow melts and the sunshine comes out, coaches begin to prepare for the spring season to come back for the school year.

“Out of the 15 years I have been coaching, I have seen many wonderful things out of the girls team,” varsity girls soccer coach Matt Sullivan said. “We’ve gotten district titles, regional titles, and then last season we went to the Division II state finals. After having seen that, I am really hoping for an exceptional season.”

No matter how many years of experience the coaches may have, they expect nothing less out of their athletes..

“Even though I have been coaching for three years, I see that every year more students come out to try out,” varsity baseball coach Shawn Lawrence said. “Normally there are about 20 kids who tryout for each level every season.”

Out of those athletes, both Lawrence and Sullivan look to the seniors to help contribute to the team to be leaders.

“The seniors who have been here for many years can definitely have a positive impact on the team, even before going into the season,” Sullivan said. “We have strong players who were here last season when we went to state finals, so that kind of experience will rub off on the underclassmen.”

The spring season officially begins on March 14.