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How to protect yourself from harmful situations

How to protect yourself from harmful situations

Ellie Vasbinder, Assistant Print Editor in Chief

February 13, 2018

The sound of the keys jingling in her hand is all that can be heard as a young woman exits her school’s campus one evening. She maintains a quick pace, not wanting to linger alone in the dark parking lot. However, before she knows it, hands grab her from behind and pull her backwards. She quickly reaches...

“Camila” self titled album Jan. 12

“Camila” self titled album Jan. 12

Jacob Angelovski, Multimedia Editor

January 19, 2018

First debuting her name to the world as a contestant on FOX’s the X Factor, Camila Cabello rose to fame as a member of five girl group “Fifth Harmony” from 2012-2016, standing out as the lead vocalist in the group. In late 2016, Cabello announced her decision to continue her musical career as a...

What I am and what I am not: A message to all

Riley Wilson, Content Editor

January 15, 2015

During the last couple of years, I have spent my time soul searching, trying to find out who I am, who I am not, and what makes me that way. Sure, I could get into the chemistry of it all. I could tell you about my blood type, what my parents look like, how my ancestors sailed off coast of Italy to come...