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“I got really into tennis as well as playing the tuba in multiple ensembles. Strangely enough I’ve grown to really like math. I like to think of it as a problem solving class rather than just numbers and letters. I am currently in Geometry. When I graduate high school I want to be an architect, so knowing how to find measurements is a good skill and something necessary for that career. I like to draw buildings and spaces and I really like how my ideas can be put in the real world as something people will see or use every day.” - sophomore Ian Mills

People of Fenton: sophomore Ian Mills

Andrea Elsholz, Print Editor in Chief August 31, 2021

“My family and I go to Tennessee about two to four times a year. I love the mountains and nature down there and we have family all around Tennessee so it’s really good to visit them. On the ride there, we watch movies, talk, and take naps. My favorite part about the trips are being able to spend time with my family and not be interrupted with school and practice.” - sophomore Aubrey Yager

People of Fenton: sophomore Aubrey Yager

Bree Soule, Online Editor January 2, 2020

“The idea for the picture came from the fall theme of playing in the leaves,” sophomore Chase Gibson said, “so we tried to make it look like I was playing in the calculators.”

Sophomore Chase Gibson wins TI Calculator challenge

Sydney Bommersbach, Assistant Online Editor in Chief November 18, 2019

Posing on the ground surrounded by a circle of calculators, sophomore Chase Gibson entered and won a fall contest put on by Texas Instruments (TI). With the help of students in his fourth-hour Biology...

Fenton High building embarks on 50th anniversary

Andrea Elsholz, Features Editor September 18, 2019

Fifty years ago, the last set of graduates were handed their diploma at the Ellen Street campus and a new building was christened Fenton High. As the new building embarks on its fiftieth anniversary, community...

“I’m very into playing music. I play the drums mainly, but also just recently got a guitar. I’m constantly writing, performing and listening to different types of music. I think music is a great medium for creativity. I believe anybody can make some great music.”

People of Fenton: sophomore Jackson Wilt

Taron Masi, Online Editor April 18, 2019

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