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Fenton High VEI students partake in national trade show

Fenton High VEI students partake in national trade show

Halee Alexander, Writer March 24, 2021

Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) is a nonprofit national educational experience/organization. It allows students to interact with other students around the nation and provides them with the opportunity...

Virtual Enterprise International class receives position announcements

Jessie Bright, Writer October 9, 2018

On Thursday Oct. 4, Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) teacher Bruce Burwitz’s class held interviews for students’ positions in Waybound, Incorporated, the clothing company run by the class. VEI...

Classrooms are utilizing the phrase teamwork makes the dream work

Classrooms are utilizing the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work”

Regina Pauly, Writer April 19, 2018

Careers these days are searching for people who have teamwork experience and skills. Classes such as Virtual Enterprise International, choir, video productions, drama and others generate the skills needed...

Scheduling for the 2015-16 School Year Begins

Emily Battaglia, Writer February 5, 2015

While it may seem far away, the 2015-16 school year is approaching quickly and that means that the scheduling process must begin. Students in grades 9-11 must complete the procedure of attending a class...

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