Virtual Enterprise International class receives position announcements

Jessie Bright, Writer

On Thursday Oct. 4, Virtual Enterprise International (VEI) teacher Bruce Burwitz’s class held interviews for students’ positions in Waybound, Incorporated, the clothing company run by the class.

VEI is a real-world example of a start-up company, with thousands of other virtual businesses just like it all around the globe. Every year, interviews are held for office positions within the class.  

“I interviewed for the CEO position,” junior Ricky Giltrop said. “My interview was with Malcolm Hendricks, a financial advisor and business coach in the community. I had to explain my strengths and why I thought I was the best fit for the position.”

Five business people from the local community were brought in to hold the interviews, which ranged from top positions, including: Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Administrative Officer; as well as other jobs in marketing, finances, design, and sales. Two days after interviews, the positions were released, with Giltrop being named as the company’s CEO.

“I used the experience [from owning my own company, Giltrop Grass] to show my passion for the position and explain that I have a good amount of knowledge that I can bring to the business,” Giltrop said. “Having my own business definitely contributed to being the deciding factor.”

VEI offers many opportunities for students to learn what it’s like to go through the job application process and work at a business.

“I think VEI helps students learn real world skills like how to manage a team, be responsible, communicate, and find something they’re interested in in the business world,” graphic designer senior Julia Stocker said. “The class is treated like an actual business that is run just by students, which I like.”  

As opposed to a class that is taught by a teacher, VEI is run and operated mainly by students.

“If [the students] need help, they ask me and I give suggestions,” Burwitz said. “They can use them or not, but the bottom line is that they learn from their mistakes.”

Aside from preparing students for joining the workforce, VEI also offers many travel opportunities to interact with other students around the country.

“We travel to different places like Chicago, Midland, New York City, and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,” Burwitz said. “We make a booth and sell our products at conventions there.”

VEI will be attending a convention in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on November 18 to kick off the year.