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People of Fenton: Janette Toal

Tyler Soule, Sports Editor

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“I think the first week or two I was here, what struck me the most was how welcoming everyone was. Everyone was just so warm and it did not take long to start building up relationships with different students. The staff as well was very kind, and that set the tone for the remainder of the year, and I really felt like I got off to a good start because of that.  I am leaving Fenton this year and going to Academy West Alternative Ed. High School in Flint. It is very hard to leave kids here at Fenton, and that is how it is everyday. That is what made it difficult. But my school change revolves around the fact that the kids there are very needy, and it is almost like a ministry, teaching in an environment like that, and I feel very drawn to it. I didn’t think it would be so hard to be away from the at-risk kids, but I am just very drawn to them. I was looking to give myself a different challenge this year, and I saw some of those kids over the course of the summer, and it just tugged at my heart.”

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