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Retiring Teachers at FHS

PHOTO Submitted by Tracey Jambeck and Lori Thompson

This year at Fenton High, two teachers are planning on retiring. One of them is Theatre Director Lori Thompson and the other is art teacher Tracey Jambeck. Even though both are leaving, they have left an impact that FHS will never forget. 

Jambeck is an art teacher and has taught at FHS for seven years. In total, she has taught for 35 years.

“My favorite part of being an art teacher is seeing kids who don’t believe and seeing that they can be creative. I see too many times people who don’t believe in their hearts and sometimes I feel brainwashed because I know they are creative and can be,” Jambeck said. “The kids here at FHS are the best and the happiest here.” 

In addition to Jambeck, Thompson also plans to retire at the end of the school year. Thompson has taught at FHS for 19 years, AGS for 4 years, and just like Jambeck, has taught for 35 years overall. When she first started teaching, Thompson began at the Flint Youth Theatre for 10 years before teaching English at Powers Catholic High. 

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Both teachers say they have made great memories here at FHS. 

“One of my favorite memories of being a teacher,” Jambeck said, “is when I was the first person to believe in my students and knowing the impact I can have on them when they end up graduating.”

Jambeck has loved not only teaching, but also making art for her and her students. 

Thompson also said she has had a great experience here at FHS.

“I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to teach and direct theatre with so many talented students, including my children,” Thompson said. “My daughter Elizabeth and son Connor were able to share with me many rehearsals and productions during their high school career.” 

Thompson also explained how theatre performances can impact the ways people think of school. 

“I am also very proud of my mission to bring various social issues to light through theatre. I think there is no better way to educate audiences about the various difficult topics that exist throughout the world than through theatre performance,” Thompson said. “Topics such as Bullying, School shootings, LGBTQ, Suicide, Racism and Hate Crimes, have been taken on by many past and present FHS student actors, shining a light on humanity and being agents of change. With every production, I and many theatre students brought awareness to our school and throughout the Fenton Community. It is this that I am most defined in my position as a theater teacher and the most proud.”

Even though both teachers have loved teaching at FHS, that doesn’t mean that their time in the district was perfect. Jambeck and Thompson have both made many funny mistakes throughout their combined 70+ years of teaching. 

“One time when I was teaching I was checking all the lids of the glazes to make sure they were tight and I picked one up off one of the tables and all the glaze came off,” Jambeck recalled. “I was also wearing white that day so all the dark red glaze got all over me.” 

While Thompson has also experienced mishaps, she is not in the business of disclosing them.

Whatever happens within FHS Theatre…..STAYS within FHS Theatre,” was Thompson’s motto.

Mrs. Jambeck and Mrs. Thompson have both taught here at FHS for a long time. With lots of teaching experience, both teachers have loved teaching and meeting new students along the way. 

“My favorite moments about being a theatre teacher, both at the junior high and high school, is witnessing my students taking risks, working outside their comfort zone, and taking on characters that take them far beyond who they are and what they think they are capable of,” Thompson said. “That is when my students have made me the most proud as well as themselves.”

Both teachers are also excited to retire and have plans for their future past the classroom. 

“Traveling, working on my own art as an artist,” Jambeck said, “and spending time with my grandkids is what I am planning to do.”

While Thompson is leaving teaching, she will still be working in a different capacity.

“I have opened three different vintage shops,” Thompson said. “The business name is called ‘Staged Right Vintage’ and the shops are located in Howell, Waterford and Holly. Each shop has its own vintage design theme: Bohemian, Mid Century Modern and French Country. I will also be doing some traveling.” 

Even though both teachers have gone through ups, downs, highs and lows, in the end, they have both had lots of amazing memories. And that is what makes FHS great.

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