Annual Sadie Hawkins week includes Retro Blacklight Dance and Powder Tuff game

In the 1930s, the comic strip “Lil’ Abner” by Al Capp inspired the idea of a girls ask guys dance when he wrote about a girl named Sadies Hawkins who could not find a husband. In the cartoon her father set up a race in which Sadie would attempt to catch a man; and the one she caught would be her spouse. From there, colleges took to the idea of having an annual Sadies Hawkins dance in which women ask men out.
While the tradition of hay bales overalls and straw hats will not be maintained, a DJ and black lights representing a retro theme will grace the floor of the school gym.
“This year, we decided to continue the homecoming theme of ‘Join the Fight’ for Sadie’s as well, but on top of that we’ve added a ‘retro’ theme,” student council member junior Sarah Lawrence said. “The dress code is casual or “retro” clothes that can glow.”
The student council will also be selling glow in the dark wristbands and special prizes will be awarded to those who can keep their school given wristbands on through the night.
“Tickets are $10 as always, but in addition to that we will be selling glow in the dark ‘join the fight’ wristbands to continue to raise money for your class’ cause,” Lawrence said. “As an incentive for students who keep their [school given] wristband on the entire dance, there may be a drawing, the prize will most likely be a gift card.”
As students begin to look for a creative way to find a date, Principal Mark Suchowski believes school dances are part of the high school experience.
“Every student’s high school experience should include participation in a variety of school activities,” Suchowski said. “This includes rigorous academics, co-curricular classes, athletics, clubs, and extracurricular activities, including dances.”
Despite Sadies cancellation due to a lack of ticket sales last year, many students are looking forward to this years dance.
“I’m looking forward to the Sadies dance this year,” sophomore Nick Melero said. “It’s nice to not have to plan an elaborate way to ask someone out.”
Decorated with hay bales or not, the Sadie Hawkins dance will be taking place on Feb. 1 in the main gym from 8-11p.m.