Fenton Bands preform together to raise money for new marching band uniforms

Anna Ebert, Writer

As the band plays you hear the variety in music from the stands. All the Fenton bands, marching band, wind ensemble, jazz band and symphonic band, will come together to raise money for new marching band uniforms. The Fenton Tigers Band-o-Rama concert fundraiser is in hopes of a new look for the marching band which includes uniforms that are black and orange instead of white and black, and the uniforms are not cheap.

“We are doing one big concert on Oct. 20,” band director Andy Perkins said. “The entire band program will be involved.This includes the symphony band, jazz band, wind ensemble and marching band. This is specifically for our new marching band uniforms, and the proceeds will go towards them. The uniforms cost about $350 per uniform. About every 20 years new uniforms are needed and we have had the uniforms since 1999. They are clothes, can you imagine wearing the same pair of pants for 20 years.”

All of the money being raised for this fundraiser will go to the uniform fund. The uniform total is around $70,000 and they have $60,000.

“This year we have been doing a few different fundraiser activities that way we can get money to get new uniforms,” sophomore Annie Hayes said. “We have a design plan for the uniforms and we have different ways to go about that. We started with a mattress fundraiser, you come in and the band room is turned into a mattress store. People come in and every mattress gets a certain percent of money from each sale which gave us a lot of money. We have a partnership which allowed a few different car companies to come over and with every test drive the parents did, the band got a certain amount of money from that. The band is also partnered with a few bigger fundraisers but we have done a few smaller ones.”

The band has many fundraisers that they are involved with. The bands have teamed up for these fundraisers just like they are for their concert. Each band will play a little of their own music.

“A variety of songs will be performed, it is a little bit of what each band does best,” Perkins said. “The symphonic band will play two tunes that are appropriate for them, like concert band literature. The wind ensemble will play more advanced concert band literature and jazz band will play jazz. The marching band will play pop tunes because we always play pop tunes in marching band. Our show for marching band is Women of Rock, it is all female artists so it is like the Go Go’s, Lady Gaga and Joan Jett.”

The concert is on Friday Oct. 20. It will start at 7:30 p.m. and lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. It costs $10 to get in and will take place in the Ruby Zima Auditorium.