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Fenton high school hosts 4 student teachers for school year

Bree Soule, Writer

April 30, 2019

This year, Fenton High was introduced to four new student teachers: Nicholas Juip, Rebecca Tuuri, Rachel Ockerman and Sal Ausiello. Each has a mentor to assist with day to day challenges in the classroom and help them improve their teaching skills. “Student teaching has been one of the best and...

FHS students compete in national LifeSmarts competition

FHS students compete in national LifeSmarts competition

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor

April 26, 2019

On April 12-19, students from business teacher Bruce Burwitz’s classes traveled to Orlando, Florida for the nationwide LifeSmarts competition. Seniors Evelyn Eck, Ted Graves, Andrew Fox and junior Joel Diccion competed against teams across the nation in a quiz bowl style environment. “There were...

Students have limited rights on school property to ensure the safety of others

Ellie Vasbinder, Assistant Print Editor

April 19, 2019

The Bill of Rights in the Constitution clearly states the civil liberties we have as people, specifically in the first amendment: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the freedom to petition. Because public schools are run by the government, they must...

Fenton InPrint members attend CSPA conference

Fenton InPrint members attend CSPA conference

Hannah Young, Writer

April 2, 2019

Members of the Fenton InPrint travelled to New York City, March 19-22, for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference. Out of 1,181 digital, print newspapers, magazines and yearbooks published during the 2017-2018 academic year, Fenton InPrint received  the CSPA Gold Crown Award at the confe...

Opinion: Prom has become overly expensive for students and families

Opinion: Prom has become overly expensive for students and families

Sydney Bommersbach, Online Editor

March 14, 2019

It all begins with the special proposal, next is buying a dress or tuxedo, then getting tickets at lunch, after that is ordering the corsage or boutonniere and scheduling hair and nail appointments for the day of. Prom is a very special and exciting night, and according to a survey done by Visa, the a...

The use of illegal substances may have negative effects on an athlete’s future

Tyler Soule, Sports Editor

February 14, 2019

Running down the field, the athlete’s muscles burned. Usually, he could have completed this run 10 times over before he started to slow down. But after a night of drinking, vaping and smoking, his muscles refused to keep up with his body. He was dehydrated, and his muscles screamed in protest every...