The history of Fenton High

The history of Fenton High

Riann Masi, Writer

The Fenton High building is 51 years old and was built in 1969. However, students and teachers have been continuing their education since 1952 when the yearbook was no longer than 30 pages and the grades spanned from seventh to 12th grade. Many changes have taken place in Fenton, such as the building switch in 1969 from Ellen street to the building now known as Fenton High on Shiawassee. 

Students aren’t the only people that have come in and out of Fenton High; teachers, administration, and school staff continue or begin their careers here as well. 

“I have been teaching at Fenton High for 24 years,” science teacher Matt Sullivan said, “My favorite part of teaching here is when alumni come back to visit me.” 

Fenton High has had a few notable alumni, like professional football player Kenny Allen playing D1 at the University of Michigan then later playing for the Baltimore Ravens a NFL team. William Cargo was also an alumni, later becoming the United States Ambassador to Nepal. The 1991 Miss Hollywood studied here at Fenton high, sadly seven years later Jill Ann Weatherwax was murdered in California. 

Most students don’t become NFL players, Ambassadors, or Miss Hollywood but continue on to their futures with the knowledge they need to succeed. Fenton high’s history grows 69 years after it’s beginning, more students, teachers, and staff continue their education/career here for years to come.