Fenton High’s new regulations on sports

Fenton High’s new regulations on sports

Benny Burke, Writer

As more adjustments are made in public schools under the threat of COVID-19, sports have had to adapt to the new regulations set in place. With face coverings mandatory at all times, limited attendees at large gatherings and only two visitors per student athlete, multiple changes have been made to accommodate the virus. Some sports, including football, were postponed.

“They shouldn’t have postponed football but kept other sports,” freshman Trent Kirchner said. “I get wearing a mask and the other regulations, but it’s the senior’s last year to play and they’re gonna be looked at by colleges. If there was no football how are they going to be seen? I’m very excited to start the season and get back into it. Hopefully the scouts come out to take a peek at the seniors as well.”

The decision to postpone certain sports has been revoked. The sports originally postponed were soccer, football, swim and dive and volleyball. With the ability to have these sports again, all sports are scheduled to continue throughout the year based on the condition of COVID in the state. 

“All sports are on,” Athletic Director Michael Bakker said. “All students must have a face covering when practicing and competing directly with other schools. Student athletes are only allowed to have two guests attend games and all soccer games have been moved to the turf. Seasons did get shortened and sports that typically participate in large invitationals, like swim, tennis, golf, cross country and volleyball have had large restrictions on their invitations for the number of participants that can be at an event.” 

Although limitations to the amount of guests and the new guidelines make this season different than others, Bakker is excited for sports to return.

“I’m very excited that our students have the opportunity to participate again,” Bakker said. “Having the ability to look forward to something and be together in their organized sports again is an opportunity to return back to some normalcy for everyone. School play a very important role in the development and lives of so many students, no different than those that are highly involved in other school and community activities. Although there are many new hoops to jump through, after losing the end of the winter season and all of the spring season this past school year, it is great to be back and I am grateful for the opportunity to be back working with students and coaches.”

The Michigan High School Athletic Association (MHSAA) website stated on Aug. 14 football was scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021 and was considered a high risk sport. However, as of Sept. 3, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer alleviated these restrictions. Executive order 176 also let boys soccer play out their season. A rise in cases in one area could offset the entire season. For more updates, follow the MHSAA website and other media outlets.