Band-O-Rama Concert Performs To Raise Money For New Uniforms

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor

Sitting in the audience, hearing Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, guests don’t find themselves looking up at a screen but a group of musicians with an assortment of instruments. The annual fall band concert was held in the Ruby Zima auditorium Oct. 20. This year an entry fee was charged to audience members to raise fund for new marching band uniforms.

“Being on all four bands, the levels of difficulty stands out,” senior Tatum Foster said. “The pieces, and just playing in general, and the people are a lot different. Symphonic band it’s more freshman and sophomores and they’re still working on some things. Wind Ensemble, is more sophomores, juniors and seniors. And then Jazz Band is the most advanced, like the Ambassadors of band.”

Over five soloists performed during the Jazz band portion of the concert, allowing for many students to have a chance to show their creative license.

“I really enjoyed playing ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’,” junior Caitlyn Dailey said. “It’s a lot different from what we usually play for Jazz band, it’s a lot slower and more chill, and it was my first solo this year so that made it special.”

This is the first fall band concert that the marching band has ever participated in, adding nine more songs to the Band-O-rama’s program.

“The concert was a huge success,” Band Director Andy Perkins said. “We had a lot of good feedback and the kids played really well. All the bands did really well, as well as the marching band, I was really proud. I think people really enjoyed hearing the marching band inside because it was so exciting and loud. I couldn’t be happier, people showed up and we reached our first goal for the uniform fund.”

Ending the concert, the Marching band concluded with the Fenton fight song, Stand Up and Cheer. After the Band-O-Rama concert, the marching band has reached their goal of $65,000 for the initial new uniforms. They are now fundraising for the additional parts of the uniforms such as raincoats, hats and plumes which costs an additional $20,000. From the Band-O-Rama concert, $5,190 was raised and they will continue to fundraise until they meet their goal.