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FHS Jazz Band becomes competitive

FHS Jazz Band becomes competitive

Riann Masi, Writer December 3, 2019

Jazz band is becoming Fenton High’s newest edition to the list of competitive teams. New band director Patrick Conaton has worked to get the jazz band involved in competitions around the state. “When...

“Music is a passion of mine because it lets me get lost in the melody and takes my mind off things. Being able to be apart of amazing groups such as Ambassadors and jazz band makes me look forward to waking up and going to school everyday. Music is a passion because it’s not necessarily just being able to play or sing it, another part is being able to form amazing relationships with other people that enjoy it just as much as you.”  - Autumn Decker

People of Fenton: senior Autumn Decker

Hannah Young, Online Editor August 27, 2019

“I started playing piano when I was five years old. It’s something that I love with my whole heart and there is nothing I would rather do than play piano. I could play for hours, I’m very passionate about it. I love playing classical music, I just love learning new pieces on the piano and there is always something new that I can learn on the piano.”

People Of Fenton: Junior Evelyn Eck

Madi Wheeler , Online Editor March 14, 2018

Jazz Band attends Jazz Day at the University of Michigan

Jazz Band attends Jazz Day at the University of Michigan

Lydia Podlesak, Writer February 7, 2018

With their instruments in their hands, students from Jazz Band and Andrew Perkins will be heading to Ann Arbor to the University of Michigan campus. There, the students will attend Jazz Day and work on...

Ambassadors and Jazz Band perform at Genesee Valley Mall

Ambassadors and Jazz Band perform at Genesee Valley Mall

Sydney Bommersbach, Writer December 18, 2017

Crinkling shopping bags, the dinging of checkout stations and roar of talking are sounds that typically fill the air in the Genesee Valley Mall. Although on Dec. 15, the Jazz Band and the Ambassadors...

Students that do not participate in arts are missing out

Students that do not participate in arts are missing out

Jillian Ferry, Assistant Online Editor in Chief November 28, 2017

Walking down the arts hallway, anyone is guaranteed to to hear the band and choir practicing, drama students rehearsing lines and video students filming. If they peek into classes toward the end of the...

Band-O-Rama Concert Performs To Raise Money For New Uniforms

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor October 26, 2017

Sitting in the audience, hearing Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas, guests don’t find themselves looking up at a screen but a group of musicians with an assortment of instruments. The annual fall band...

The junior percussion group performs the first piece of the night directed by Yohann Fievet.

French jazz band plays for the community during their visit to the US

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor February 14, 2015

As she holds the French flag in front of the school doors, junior Jessica Maher prepares to greet the members of the Limonest Jazz Band visiting all the way from their hometown in France. They were able...

Band Concert goes out with a bang, or rather, a christmas song

Riley Wilson, Content Editor December 14, 2014

All the seats in the auditorium fill up, leaving the stragglers standing off to the sides as more people enter to watch the semi-annual band concert. Instruments of every kind take up the stage as the...

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