Swim coach Brad Jones hits 300 wins

Gracie Warda, Online Editor

After 14 consecutive Metro League titles for Girls Swim, and six Boys titles in just 17 years of coaching at FHS, Swim coach Brad Jones has finally hit 300 wins.

“300 wins is something for me to take a lot of pride in,” Jones said. “It says a lot about our program. As much as it is what I do, it’s what they do too. We’ve been very successful in building a standard of what we expect from our swimmers. The 300 is a direct result of the work that our swimmers put in.”

While the majority of the girls swim season is over, there are several swimmers that qualified for state finals. Sophomore Lillie Kromer is among the athletes going to the state competition under Jones’ coaching.

“My favorite thing about [Coach Jones] is honestly how hard he pushes us,” Kromer said. “He’s not like other coaches. He doesn’t say ‘oh, you’re having a hard day? I’ll let you slack off.’ He says ‘oh, you’re having a hard day? That means you can work hard.’ The more you work, the better you will feel. He really just pushes us to do our best.”

Jones did not celebrate his achievement as much as others might. He feels that his athletes should be celebrated instead, for they are the ones who led his to this achievement.

“I did not celebrate,” Jones said. “It’s more fun to celebrate the achievements of my swimmers and divers than it is to celebrate myself. They’re the reason that my 300 exists, so I’m proud of myself, but I’d rather celebrate the 14th consecutive metro title, or their accomplishments.”

Jones plans on continuing his Coaching career in the future and working towards even more wins.