NHS members give a help at Fenton VFW’s weekly fish fry

Anna Ebert, Writer

The ticket raises in the air and as a student rushes to grabs it, then taking it to the chef, waiting for him to say “order up.” This is a customary scene every Friday night as the National Honors Society (NHS) gives a helping hand to veterans and anyone who comes into the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) for their weekly fish fry.

“Most Fridays, the VFW has a fish fry where veterans and their families can come in and get fish to eat,” junior Noah Maier said. “For NHS, every week we get five volunteers to go to the dinner service and help take orders back to the kitchen and take plates out from the kitchen to the customers.”

The members of NHS help out at the VFW consistently, and veterans, families, and anyone in the community is welcome to come in for a dinner. With it being a required event for NHS, every member will spend a Friday night volunteering to meet their club requirements.

“This is my first year working with them,” Maier said. “Every week is basically the same, from time to time you have a special job here or there, but for the most part it does not change. Every week we have a new group of volunteers.”

NHS has been volunteering with the VFW for three years now, and continues to work with the veterans.

“I am the chair of the VFW event in NHS,” senior Renae Garcia said. “I am responsible for organizing enough volunteers each week and making sure they attend. Unfortunately we do not do anything special for the holidays because we do not help at the fish fry on holiday weeks.”
NHS will continue its weekly service at the VFW, serving food and taking orders for anyone who comes in.