LimeBike program makes transportation easier

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief

Green bikes scattered across a college campus draw the attention of those who surround it. More than just a new trend LimeBike has taken over seven campuses and 18 cities with affordable transportation. There is potential to be brought to any city.

Seen through a map on the app, on both Apple and Google stores, LimeBike is a company that promotes cheap mobility through their locations to decrease each users carbon footprint. Allowing students, professors, or the average person to use the app to rent a bike for $1 per half hour.

Unlike Citi Bike, another rental service, a pass can cost up to $24 for a three days, whereas LikeBike’s monthly membership is only $30. According to LimeBike, bike sharing has saved over 57,000 pounds of carbon dioxide when compared with what would have been emitted had those miles been traveled by car.

“Every vote counts, we’d love to come to Fenton,” LimeBike respondent Josephine Smith said. “LimeBike works closely with local governments and city officials to make LimeBike a seamless, welcomed green transportation option for college campuses, cities and residents.”

With a simple vote, including your city name, your name and email, you can bring LimeBike near you. Click here to vote.