Five classic movies everyone should watch at least once


McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief


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Made in 1944 featuring star actors Clifton Webb and Gene Tierney, Laura is a movie about a Manhattan detective attempting to solve the murder case of Laura Hunt. Throughout his investigation he interviews two men she is seeing simultaneously and slowly realizes he has acquired feelings towards Laura. This movie is essential for people to watch because it sets the theme for numerous crime movies to come. Although it is over 40 years old the plot twists that the movie invents catch viewers off guard creating an exciting black and white movie more colorful in content.

A Gentleman’s Agreement

Debuting in 1947 starring lead actor Gregory Peck follows the story of a journalist, PHil Green, who is writing a piece about Anti-Semitism. To dive in deeper Phil pretends to be a Jew to experience first hand the ridicule they had received in the time period. He eventually falls in love, but his assignment gets in the way of them being together. The history behind this movie makes it important for people to see. Anti-Semitism was heavily recurring during the release of this movie, which sheds light to the cruelty of others and how hate crimes occured back then just as they do now.

Sunset Boulevard

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Kicking off in 1950 with lead actress Gloria Swanson and actor William Holden the movie trails an aging silent film actress Norma, played by Gloria. Although she hasn’t been in a film since her teens the actress applauds herself on her riches, butler and pet monkey. As narrator Joe, a local writer helps Norma with her first original silent movie, starring herself. As the movie develops Joe finds himself immersed in her life, unable to escape from the reality she has created for him. The unstable relationship causes issues that the character are unable to come out of in the end. This drama will continue teach lessons about narcissism and the ways

Three Coins in the Fountian

Released in 1954 Three Coins In A Fountain follows three Americans lives in Italy. The newest addition to the trio Maria learns from her new friends Anita and Frances the ways of her new life on another continent. Anita teaches Maria the ways of being a secretary, while Frances uses her wisdom to help Maria in a more recreational way. In the first few weeks each woman falls in love in a different way, each posing their own problems over the span of the movie. Eventually each problem being solved, fusing three romantic stories into one. This movie is essential due to the iconic fashion, art and culture shown over each reel. Unlike romantic movies today Three Coins In A Fountain follows multiple woman’s separate but together journey’s and the impact their decisions have on each other.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

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Premiering in 1961 with lead actress Audrey Hepburn, who plays Holly Golightly, following Truman Capote’s Novel. The movie begins with Holly being chased by a man she had gone out with. This remains a common theme throughout the movie, Holly seeing multiple men. While Holly does this another man, Paul Varjak, moves into Holly’s building and their friendship that forms even though Paul has a mistress. Over two hours Breakfast at Tiffany’s brings the message of finding one’s self and how knowing who you are is more important than physical belongings or money. A viewer can learn from the trials of Holly and Paul that there is a greater meaning to life than possessions.