‘Lone Survivor” Movie Review

After viewing ‘Lone Survivor’, people can be seen walking out of the theaters with tears rolling down their faces and appreciation in their hearts. Based on the true story of Marcus Luttrell and his Navy SEAL comrades (perished) and their experience during a 2005 mission called Operation Red Wings, the movie can be even more appreciated by audiences.

 “I thought the movie ‘Lone Survivor’ was really good,” sophomore Isabelle McIntosh said. “It was really sad because it was based on a true story but it was definitely worth seeing.”

As good as action movies are, others don’t compare to ‘Lone Survivor’. The love  and brotherhood portrayed in the movie is very heartwarming while the action is spectacular.

“When i left the movie, I was crying so hard I couldn’t see straight,” sophomore Emma Bellini said. “The personal pictures at the end, of the navy seals who died with their children, wives, and families just really got to me.”

With a four star rating, ‘Lone Survivor’ draws the audience’s attention into the real action that is still happening in Afghanistan. Most people gained more respect for our troops away from home.

“Seeing the movie really made me think twice about what our troops do for us,” sophomore Baylee Macklin said. “All of the stuff that the men went through really just shocks me.”

This movie defines patriotism, bringing out each viewers feelings of devoted love, support, and loyalty for our nation.