Junior Chloe Idoni breaks 1000 points in basketball

Lydia Podlesak , Writer

With adrenaline pumping through her veins, junior Chloe Idoni runs down the court anticipating her next move. Catching the ball, she jumps and shoots, followed by the swish of the net. The crowd goes ecstatic flashing signs with 1,000 written on them. Idoni has just scored her 1,000 point in her basketball career while playing Holly.

“I have been wanting to break the 1,000 point record ever since I was a freshman,” Idoni said.  “Finally achieving that goal after all the hard work and time I put into basketball was really rewarding and felt amazing. I prepared by learning moves to incorporate into my game and consisting my free throw shot because those points add up.”

While playing Holly, Idoni broke 1,000 points. With a 54 – 49 score, the Lady Tigers were victorious against the Broncos. Idoni is now the fourth person to break the record in the Fenton’s girls basketball program. Before Idoni, Christina Rivette, Dru Bishop and Gabrielle Rivette broke the record.

“It’s always exciting as a coach because you’re always excited for your kids,” girls varsity basketball coach Becky Moore said. “It says a lot about Chloe and all of her talent, because you just can’t be a decent player and do those things. She’s asked to do a job, whether that is in rebounding or scoring, and a lot of that is her doing what she’s asked to do.”

Within the basketball program, Moore emphasizes the importance of teamwork and having each other’s back. For Moore, the athletes cheering on the bench is just as important as the leading scorer.

“I think the most exciting for me as a coach and what we preach in our program was seeing how all the other girls reacted; how excited they were for her and the role they played in helping her get to that point,” Moore said. “Somebody sent me a video of when she scored a thousand points and you can see how the kids on the bench, the kids on the court, you can just tell they are talking about if she breaks it and all of the excitement they had. It just shows what kind of kid she is and that people love playing with her and want to see her be successful.”

Not only did Idoni surpass 1,000 points, she also broke the record for most field goals scored in a game at 35 and leading stats in rebounding, blocks and second in assists.

“My teammates were so helpful,” Idoni said. “I couldn’t have done it without them.The game where I was about to beat the record they were all communicating and finding out ways to get me the ball. They all wanted to see me break it and they are all super supportive.”

Idoni has proven to be successful on the basketball court as well as in her fall volleyball season and spring soccer season. Come out and support Idoni in her next soccer game against Holly High School on April 10 at 7 p.m.