Titanium Tigers head to States at Saginaw Valley State University

Jillian Ferry, Assistant Editor in Chief

Hearing their team name called, the Titanium Tigers become just for joy when they found out that that won first during their District competition in Gaylord. On March 17 the team took home first and a creativity award at the district event, a first for the team.

“I was ecstatic,” robotics mentor Louis Albrant said. “At the time I didn’t realize that Fenton had never won a district event, knowing that Fenton had such a good team I had just assumed they had won it in the past. As a team we have put in a lot of hours together and to see it all come together for these kids was amazing.”

Winning first and at their District event combined with their previous scores from their competition at Kettering University allows the team to move on and compete in states which is held at Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) April 11 – 16. 

“For States right now we are discussing the game plan like hotels drivers also etiquette and behavior,” junior Hanna Ferguson said. “We always say if you lose, say nothing. If you win, say even less. You always have to be humble, that kind of why we won the professionalism award at Kettering.

To be successful at the competition the team has to work together as well as work with other teams through each task and challenge to gain points.

“Robotics is really unique,” Ferguson said. “You never go against a team, usually you work together with two other teams in order to complete the task on the field you usually compete against three other teams but you may in that next match work together with that team that you worked against in the previous match so you can never slander or haze other teams because that’s not what the priority is, you all are working together.”

As the Titanium Tigers head to SVSU beginning April 11, they continue to prepare their robot to be in pristine shape for States.