School dances should host live bands instead of DJs

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor

DJs are now one of the most popular form of music at a school dance. But wouldn’t it be more exciting to have the energy of a live band, instead of hearing prerecorded tracks? Schools should bring back live bands for dances instead of having a DJ play.

Live bands would be much more exciting and fun for students instead of have a DJ click a mouse and have a song play. There’s nothing as exciting as hearing a live band. Imagine how unexciting going to a concert and having your favorite band stand on the stage and listen to prerecorded tracks of their music play, instead of having them play it live.

Even for students who don’t necessarily want to dance but still want to be a part of prom/homecoming, they can watch the band play without having to participate in the dancing so it makes it less awkward for them. Live bands are a lot more memorable for students, DJs just blend into the crowd sometimes. It will give the night a more grown-up feel, it can add a touch of maturity to the school dances. A live band will take up more space than a DJ will, so it will feel a lot more intimate than having the big open space of the gym.   

Live bands are better at understanding the mood of the audience then DJs are. They can adapt their music to how the audience is acting. Bands also have a sense of personality that a DJ just can’t match. Live bands typically play one set style of music which will make the dance feel more cohesive if students aren’t hearing mixed genres. The band will give off a very nostalgic feel, and will remind the students of the 1950’s when live bands peaked in popularity.

Even though DJs have a wider variety of music to play, there’s something about the energy a live band gives off that the DJ just can’t live up to. Live bands can make for a much more memorable night. Schools should ditch the DJs and try live bands for a while.