Administration considers a “senior only” prom next year

Regina Pauly, Writer

As the sophomores, who will soon be juniors, watch the upperclassmen get ready for prom they may begin to feel left out. There has been talk of a senior only prom next year, a final decision has not been made yet because it is still in the debating process.

“The biggest reason we are doing an all senior prom next year is because of the venues,” Athletic Director Mike Bakker said. “Our prom is large, because we are a large school and have so many kids that go, that it’s difficult trying to find a venue large enough for us. We’ve checked with many other schools that are our size or bigger are senior only, because of the same reason, venue problems. We don’t have a lot of venues in Genesee county that we feel are suitable for driving to, that would house a junior and senior prom especially when you take into account all the guest passes.”

For over 40 years, Fenton High School has been having a junior and senior prom. Next year the administration hopes that it will give students a better time and deter them from leaving early.

“When we started having a junior senior prom, which was a long time ago, we were 900 kids compared to the 1100 we have now which is a big difference in terms of the size of the school.” Bakker said. “If we do decide to make this change, it would be different, especially for that years junior class. It might also have some positive benefits and effects. Which would be finding more people enjoying that senior prom experience more, we’ve heard from students over the years, not all but some, that they’re leaving after an hour of prom because it’s so crowded. Maybe if it’s senior only that might alleviate some of those issues which could cause kids to stay and enjoy their whole prom night.”

It isn’t uncommon to have a senior only prom. Other schools such as Bloomfield Hills High School, Northern High School and Allen D. Nease High School have a senior only prom.

“Many schools do an all senior prom,” junior Parent Representative Shannon Brant said. “They do it because of the same reason we want to, which is the fact that we will have more options for venues. It is still an important part of kids opportunities in high school, it’s one of the highlights in kids high school years so we want to make it as best as we can. It will be a bummer for next years junior class because they won’t have the opportunity to go to prom twice, but they will have the opportunity to go senior year which is the important thing.”

Prom this year will be held on May 5 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.with juniors and seniors. Tickets will be $60 which includes dance admission and a meal.