Tracy’s Creations dress alterations opens downtown

Delaney Bryson, Writer

For over 35 years, Tracy Ellis’s passion has been to perfect and revitalize clothes and gowns. After pursuing this passion for years, she was finally able to open a building in downtown Fenton providing dress and formal attire alterations. While this may look like a regular old business to some, it has a story behind it.

“I learned how to do dress alterations when I competed in 4H sewing and personal appearance in high school,” Ellis said. “ I was trained by some awesome seamstresses who guided me. My grandmother, who owned Fenton Fabrics originally, was huge influence also. She always told me, ‘If it has ever been done, you can do it too.’ I had a specific idea of what I wanted my clothes to look like, and was motivated to create them by myself.”

Watching closely at how things were sewn, she imitated the process she saw. Since then, she has fallen in love with designing.

“It is my passion,” Ellis said. “I love helping women feel beautiful in their dresses, teaching them how to wear them tastefully and elegantly. Personalizing the design to suit their unique shape and situation is something that makes me happy.”

Ellis has specialized predominantly in gowns and formal wear for the past four years. She provides not only alterations, but also reconstructions.

“Not just any seamstress can alter and rebuild,” Ellis said. “That’s how I got to specialize, because I believe I can. I think that was one of my biggest success secrets, I never believed that I couldn’t, or that I was not good enough. I rejected that idea and still do. Most people doubt themselves, saying they can’t and then because of this, they truly can’t.”

Because of Ellis’s success and special talents, her work was requested by many Fenton students for their prom dresses.

“My dress was a two piece and the top fit but the bottom was a little too big,” sophomore Natalie Harmon said. “The skirt had to be hemmed and I had the waist taken in. The top was also altered because [Ellis] noticed it was riding up so she added boning to help it stay down. I would definitely recommend her business to others who need dress alterations, [Ellis] had my dress done really quickly and it fit great.”

As her business continues to expand in the present, Ellis also has goals that she would like to achieve in the future.

“I would like to stay in business for a long time,” Ellis said. “Until the girls in prom gowns this year are having their daughter’s gowns altered by my business in the future. I would also like to continue sewing alterations and teaching future seamstresses to do what I do. People say it is a lost art, but not as long as someone who knows can teach and there are young ones who want to learn.”

Offering sewing lessons and gown alterations and reconstructions, Tracy’s Creations Custom Specialty Alterations is at 119 N. River Street in Fenton. In order to make an appointment, contact her at (810) 252-0064.