Incredibles 2 dashes into theaters

Hannah Young, Writer

After a 14-year hiatus and crying for a sequel from fans, Incredibles 2 arrived in theaters June 15. With the groundbreaking cliffhanger of the Underminer breaking out of the ground, The Parr family races into action in the second. The newest movie is lively and may live up to the original. The sequel holds emotion of familal in new ways and holding over action that viewers have seen in Marvel movies. Villains such as Underminer and Screenslaver give the super hero versus villain antic that fans all crave. The superhero family that we all love is new, fresh and better than ever.

In Incredibles 2, the fight between the Incredibles and the Underminer leave the Parr family jobless and homeless. The redemption of the Parr family comes in the character duo of Winston Devener and his sister Evelyn Devenor. Winston Devenors is a man with money and urges for creation and his sister is the technology major. She makes the cool toys such as the Elastagirl’s motorcycle and tiny cameras. Winston and Evelyn are the passion rich duo that the Parr family needs to rebound. Winston gives them a new house and Evelyn provides a new suit and tech for Elastagirl.

In the movie, the theme of gender roles is greatly switched. While Elastagirl aka Helen Parr leaves to fight off Screenslaver and revive the good reputation of superheros. Bob Parr becomes a stay-at-home dad and tries to keep his family calm with Violet and her boy-crazy moods and adolescence; teaching Dash math and keep his homework in line and while trying to learn Jack-Jack’s new powers. The emotions of the a typical family is felt with Bob reading Jack-Jack a bedtime, teaching Dash the ‘new version’ math and helping Violet with boys and broken hearts. The Incredibles 2 gives a superhero movie focuses on themes of family, parents and adolescents and growing up.

Fourteen years after the release of the original lncredibles movie, Incredibles 2 made its debut.

With the themes of family, supporting characters make a important roles in the sequel, such as icy Frozone and designer Edna Mode. Both make appearances in the sequel. Frozone makes a more important role in the second movie with helping Bob with the kids and helping the Parr family in the final fight. His chemistry with the Parrs is more cinematic, especially with helping and chaporeining the Parr kids. Edna Mode reappears as the sassy superhero designer that we all love. This time around her role is to help Bob with Jack-Jack. Her bold lines and speculator designs are well loved this time around.

The movie is overall a great success and well written. The storyline is living up to the expectations of fans and is a lively addition to superhero movies especially Marvel movies. The movie radiates goodness and pureness of familal emotions while giving off fierce action that anyone can enjoy just as much as a Marvel movie. Incredibles 2 is enjoyable addition to the Disney-Pixar movies. The 14-year hiatus was worth the wait for any Incredibles fan.

The newest sequel is lives up to the expectations and is a better sequel than most movies have The movie lives up the legacy of the first and is well written. The Disney-Pixar movie made a 180 million open weekend. The Disney-Pixar shines with the lively Elastagirl and lovable family of Bob Parr and the kids staying home.