The freshman and JV volleyball teams serve their way to victory at recent tournament

Bree Soule, Writer

After eight hours of bumps, sets and spikes, the freshman and JV volleyball tournament concluded and teams waited to hear the results. To determine their WW seating in the bracket, the Tigers faced St. John’s, Churchill, Powers and more in pool play, the games before the tournament that determine their seating.

“Participating in pool play was fun because everyone had good timing, our passing was good, and everyone was where they needed to be,” freshman Katie Premo said. “It felt easy and everyone was happy. We did well and played good games.”

After seeding first in pool play, the Tigers continued on to face more teams in bracket play.

“I’ve been playing volleyball for about five years now and it’s my favorite sport,” freshman Maddy Stevens said. “While playing in the tournament, I was trying my best and trying not to let the team down. We all work hard and work well as a team. Some teams were challenging so I tried to help the others out to make their jobs a little easier.”

The freshmen team placed third behind Troy Athens and the JV team placed second behind Powers at the end of the tournament.

“I feel like we didn’t play as well as we could have, especially me.” Premo said. “Our hits weren’t as accurate and we weren’t calling the ball as much. We played a decent game overall but it wasn’t our best performance.”

Despite falling to the Powers Chargers, the girls kept high spirits following the tournament.

“When we played Powers, everyone seemed to be tired,” Stevens said. “It was a lot of fun because I have a fun team, but it also became really stressful. I think they were the team that challenged us the most. We need to work on staying in the plays and covering short balls.”

There will be another home tournament the 29th.