2018 senior homecoming court announced


PHOTO Katelyn Wallace

Senior homecoming court- (bottom row from left) Megan Armbruster, Madeline Bluthardt, Chloe Idoni, Sophie Frost, Emma Snedden and Emily Hayes. (top row from left) Keegan Jarret, Lance Mercord, Nolan Day, Gabe Horton, Eythan Fulton and Brock Henson.

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

The ballots were passed out two days ago. The chatter among friends echoed through the halls, building up anticipation in many students at every corner. This is it. This is the morning the names are announced. As Principal Mark Suchowski comes on the intercom, the nerves of the students pile up together as they anxiously wait for the names to be called.

“I was super excited. I remember when they announced the names, they did it alphabetically and Lance’s name was the last name,” senior Madeline Bluthardt said. “My friends were telling me to be quiet because they were announcing the girls names. I was the second girl called and I remember jumping up and down because I wasn’t sure if I was actually gonna make it on court.”

Fenton High’s senior court consists of six boys and six girls. These nominees will represent their grade at the homecoming events this Friday. The King and Queen will be announced at the homecoming game this Friday at 7 p.m..

“This makes me really happy to represent my school in a positive way,” senior Emma Snedden said. “All I really want is to show people kindness and love because everyone is beautiful in their own way. I just feel passionate about that topic because I can represent it in my own way.”

Many seniors feel very lucky to be voted on with their dates. This year, there are three couples that were nominated together.

“It’s like when you see it in the movies and think ‘Oh I want to do that one day’,” Bluthardt said. “Now I actually get to be a part of something like that, and it just makes me feel like I’m a part of the school. I’m excited to do it with Lance and other friends I have on court; it’ll be fun to do it all together and have that moment.”

As a senior, this is the last chance to be nominated for homecoming court, and one of the senior class representatives, Keegan Jarrett, was honored to be nominated.

“It feels goods to represent our class,” Jarrett said. “I didn’t see it coming but I’m proud to represent us. I feel like I’m going to remember this forever.”