‘A Star is Born’ is revived on the big screen

Hannah Young, Writer

“A Star is Born” conveys a timeless tale, in which each generation can relate to. In the 1930’s, Janet Gaynor and Fredric March starred in the original movie. It would be the first of many. In 1954, a second is made with Judy Garland and James Mason. In the 1970’s, Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson star in the rock pumping that gives the basis of the newest “A Star is Born”. The timeless Hollywood classic is revived in a beautiful remake that reflects the new day and age of 21 century, in the newest rendition of the movie, that came out October of 2018.

The whimsical whisky voice of director and lead actor, Bradley Cooper, and his melodic costar, Lady Gaga, give the movie a shine of its own. The story is one of a rock singer falling to the bottom while the woman he loves is rising to the top. The heartbreaking story is a musical, drama filled romance that is a reflection of the hardships within Hollywood and music.

Cooper stars as Jackson Maine, a rockstar who is falling over in guitar filled noise. He is on a downward spiral of addiction and pain. He has consumed himself in the addicting world of Hollywood and living a life of fame. Gaga stars as Ally Campana, a singer living a small life while working in a busy kitchen. Her honeyed voice catches the attention of Jackson Maine.

PHOTO Courtesy of Google Images

Their love starts in a late-night drag bar with Ally singing ‘La Vie en Rose’, a song that strikes a chord within Jackson. From their first moment together, their chemistry is strong. Ally becomes Jackson’s safe harbor, partner and lover through his tough times. Ally sings a small piece of a song in parking lot while icing her hand. Their connection begins a duet and love that is only beautifully musical.

The music featured in the movie is 70’s inspired music. Gaga sings rising pop. Portraying their characters, Gaga and Cooper sing soft love songs and otherwise rock hard melodies. The soundtrack is filled with songs from the movie, dialogues of specific scenes that accompany the song and surprising feature songs that didn’t necessarily appear in the movie. The music reflects the movie and gives the movie a aura of rock, Hollywood, love and fame.

“A Star is Born” is a reflection of Hollywood today and the hardships that go along with it. The movie is something aspiring. The acting of Cooper and Gaga brought the movie and their characters to life. The direction, acting and songwriting is a Oscar-worthy spectrum. The drawl of Cooper and shining of Gaga brings the movie into a beautiful creation. “A Star is Born” is a timeless retelling of a classic movie that is a beautiful light in a world full of dark.