Student Council looks to elect new members and recruit representatives for the 2014-2015 school year

With Staff Appreciation Week at the beginning of May, the student council will complete their final event for its school year and pass their duties to a new set of members who will be elected or will volunteer to join after elections.

Anyone in the student body is encouraged to join Student Council to help plan school dances, spirit weeks and charity events. Commitments to staying a member of the council include attending weekly morning meetings and volunteering with a minimum of two events a semester.

“We are looking for responsible students who have the initiative to talk to administrators, community members and their fellow students,” Starr said. “Your time commitment is based on the position you hold. The more responsibility, the more of a time commitment it is.”

The election process for the 2014-2015 school year begins in mid-May when interested students can pick up a petition from sponsor Jill Starr’s room.

“To get into student council students must turn in a completed petition of 25 signatures from their classmates,” Starr said. “Candidates running for office must shoot a video that will be aired before elections take place. Those just choosing to be a class representative do not need to shoot a video.”

While student council provides students with an opportunity to get involved with school events, it also provides an opportunity to gain experience in leadership.

“My advice for anyone who is considering participating in student council is just to join,” senior all school vice president Corinne Beemer said. “It’s not hard and you get to help with so many activities and good causes. If you’re a freshman or sophomore and are looking to hold a leadership position, student council is a good opportunity for that. Everything we do is for a good cause and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get involved. It is definitely been a great experience in leadership, responsibility and service.”

With 2013-2014 new school year came new activities that the student council hosted. These events included the Homecoming Spirit Tent, Sadie’s Powder Tuff and getting the entire student body involved in staff appreciation week.

“This year’s student council worked extremely hard,” Starr said. “I was a little worried when the year began because my co-sponsor, Ms. Armstrong, left for a position in a different school district. Those worries were eliminated when I saw the dedication and effort this year’s group was putting forth. I hope to have the same if not more participation as this year because everything went very well.”

New all school officers will fill the role that is left empty by graduating seniors, while new class officers will also be elected.

“I’m proud of the accomplishments due to the leadership of seniors by planning new activities and increasing school spirit,” all school secretary Tori Chapin said. “I hope that next years student council keeps the traditions we have established.“