Senior Peyton Stapp participates in the CAP Cadet Program


PHOTO Courtesy: Peyton Stapp

Senior Peyton Stapp poses with fellow members from his CAP program.

Bree Soule, Writer

In the future, senior Peyton Stapp wishes to join the military. Therefore, he joined the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program; a program where students learn to fly, lead and more. This program will help him progress further towards his goal of being in the military. After going to a meeting meant for students interested in joining, he decided he wanted to go into the search and rescue program.

“I joined in sixth grade,” Stapp said. “The main reason I do it is because it’s really fun. I’ve continued doing it because if I get second lieutenant, I get two promotions up in the military and I want to be in the military. The search and rescue aspect is also keeping me interested.”

As he continues to learn more, Stapp spreads his knowledge by teaching search and rescue classes.

“I teach search and rescue classes which are sometimes a week long,” Stapp said. “I have to prepare for it and teach which takes some time, but it’s also fun. You learn to become a better leader and then you apply your skills as you teach.”

Stapp is continuing on in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and continues gaining more leadership skills. Stapp’s mom, counseling secretary Kim Stapp, is proud of her son for what he has been doing.

“When he told me he wanted to join the program, I was proud of him for wanting to be involved in something like that,” Kim Stapp said. “It involves discipline and community service which is why I’m proud. It’s made him more independent, responsible and it has improved his leadership skills.”

Stapp has been committed to the CAP Cadet Program for six years and is preparing for the road ahead of him after high school.