Opinion: Animal testing is cruel and not the way to test products

Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

Animal testing has been around since early Greek physicians and scientists like Aristotle were alive. That doesn’t make it logical and sensible and it doesn’t make it humane.

The most frequently tested animals are rabbits, mice and rats. They might be considered rodents to many, but they are still animals. The tests conducted on these animals are to assess the safety of cosmetics, personal care items, household products, chemicals, medical devices and their ingredients. The tests performed cause irritation in the eyes of the animals and much discomfort.

Recently, scientists have discovered new methods of testing these products without using animals. Computer models and simulations, stem cell and genetic testing methods and computerized patient-drug databases and virtual drug trials are all harmless methods. Some scientists have used MRIs and CT scans which are very non-invasive techniques that are completely safe and thorough.

Another more in-depth test is called microdosing. This is where humans are given very low amounts of a drug to test the effects on the body on a cellular level, without affecting the whole system of the body. Typically, if a test that would normally be performed on an animal is safe enough to test on a human, it will be conducted because using the tissue of a human in toxicity testing is more accurate than an animal model.

When most animals are tested, they are forced to ingest toxic substances to the point where 50 percent of them die. If they don’t die directly after the test or procedure they are killed later.

Animal testing is a cruel and harsh way to test products, seeing as there are many other options for this purpose. These products can easily be tested using a different method. Next time a beauty product is in mind for purchase, check the label and make sure it doesn’t have anything about testing animals. Animal testing is an inhumane and sinister act and shouldn’t be done.