The benefits pets can provide

Alexandra Marsee, Writer

While taking a peek around Fenton, one may find that countless families surround themselves with pets. Dogs, cats, birds, and more are just a few of the endless options for non-human companionship. Although most pets are kept around just for the warm welcome home, several of them can serve higher purposes.

There is more to the pet world than the dependable ‘man’s best friend.’ To many people’s fruition, cats can be a shoulder to cry on, as well.

My pet cat is a grey Russian,” senior Grace Hocevar said. “His name is Marvel, after the superhero movies and comics. Even though he is just an animal, he has made a big impact in my life. I don’t think I would be at such a good place right now without him.”

Aside from the simple companionship, pets can offer a medical helping paw, too.

“Marvel has always helped me calm down my anxiety,” Hocevar said. “When I’m sad or anxious he always seems to find me, sit in my lap, and purr for hours until I am calm again. Last January when I was dealing with severe anxiety, I had to take a week off of school. The whole week he was by my side purring and wouldn’t let me walk around alone. Since then, every night he has fallen asleep on my chest purring.”

The common pet can also be put to work and be of use to a family.

“The chickens I have are little workers for me,” chemistry teacher Jason Kasak said. “I put inputs of time and money and they turn it to higher value products. I buy food, which is relatively cheap, which they turn into manure or compost. The compost they give is worth something to me, more than the feed that I buy. My purpose for my chickens is turning something that I would think is useless, would now essentially be valuable.”

Typical pets include dogs, cats, or birds. Many families decide to step out of the box, and try something exotic, for example: a pig.

“Originally, it was my parents’ idea to get a mini pig,” junior Owen Koza said. “My sister is in love with pigs. We got it from a farm up north. My whole family takes care of the pig together. Her treats we give her are whatever scraps of food we have. I would suggest picking a unique pet, it is pretty cool and it isn’t that hard to take care of.”

Pets are a popular addition to many households. They serve a variety of purposes and desires. Anyone looking for something new in their life can always consider a furry friend.