Fenton partners with Linden to build new dog park

Lily Tiong, Writer

Dogs running around, chasing after one another, while their owners throw the ball between conversations. Fenton is expected to gain their first ever dog park, within the next couple of weeks. The Thompson Road Dog Park has come together with the help of Fenton and Linden’s partnership. The city has opened the park not only for the dogs, but for owners too in hopes of creating a new place for them to socialize and build relationships.

“The township has 30+ acres and we’re planning a dog park,” Fenton City Councilwoman Nancy Draves said. “The city of Fenton received a sizable donation but there was not any city property available that was not wetlands and that would be very expensive to adapt to.The city of Linden wanted a dog park also, but didn’t have property. The township asked us to join forces and that’s why we’re putting the dog park on Thompson Road.”

The Thompson Road Dog Park has been in the making for the past couple of years, and the Fenton City Council has been working hard to make sure that everything is coming together for their opening day on October 1.

“We hope to open this fall,” Draves said. “All dogs will be welcome, just as long as they are willing to get along with others. We do not have tolerance for mean, as well as aggressive, dogs.”

With opening day approaching, dogs of nearby citizens will be able to play freely in the two acre lot without putting a hole in their owners wallet.

“We aren’t going to charge anything,” Draves said. “This has been funded by only private donations. Sections of fencing can be purchased and named after a family or pet. Benches would be the same. Even the pavilion could be named for a family, business, or pet. We’ll put a plaque with a name on any donated item.”

All donations to the Thompson Road Dog Park are appreciated, and customers can visit the park and see where their money is going during the park hours.

“We have discussed opening it at dawn and closing at night,” said Draves. “Hopefully, there will be a pavilion, benches and a dog play structure. In our research it turns out to be a social meeting place for dog owners too. We also hope to raise money to take care of maintenance so it is not a burden to the cities.”

The exact opening day is not decided yet, but the city is expected to have opening day within the next couple of weeks. The Thompson Road Dog Park can be found off of Thompson Road and just east of Wiggins Road. For any questions further regarding the dog park, you can contact Nancy Draves at [email protected].