Top of the Cl4ss

Six valedictorians and four salutatorians make up the top ten for 2014

Corinne Beemer-Valedictorian
University of Michigan

Inspired: My mother has probably inspired me the most. In fifth grade I chose valedictorian as one of my spelling words and my mother told me that she was valedictorian and I set that as my goal ever since.
Memory: My favorite thing about high school is Spanish class. I’ve grown to love it so much over the past few years and I’m excited to continue studying it at the college level as a minor.
Most People Don’t Know: I have danced for 14 years.

Ellie Cowger-Valedictorian
University of Minnesota

Inspired: My three older sisters have always been my inspiration, they push me to reach my goals.
Memory: The Cross Country Ball Run Sleepover every Homecoming. staying at the school until 11pm to finish the newspaper deadline, stealing the baseball team’s gnome and dressing it up like a girl, and meeting my best friend when we played freshman basketball together.
Most People Don’t Know: I truly enjoy knitting infinity scarves.

Tori Chapin-Valedictorian
University of Michigan

Inspired: My parents have been my biggest inspiration, always encouraging me to strive for my best.
Memory: I think I will remember all the fun times with my friends and my track team.
Most People Don’t Know: I lived in Austria for three years.

Sara Wujciak-Valedictorian
Johns Hopkins University

Inspired: My parents are always academically and athletically encouraging and guiding me in the right direction. My older sister has been a role model for me throughout my swimming career. My younger sister and brother provide laughter and energy in my life.
Remember: The Polar Bear Swim. Since 2005, my friends and I have had a tradition where we jump in the lake during the first week of May.
Most People Don’t Know: I eat a pear at 8 o’clock every night.

Lizzie Deming-Valedictorian
Toulane University

Inspired: My mother is my inspiration.
Memory: I’ll remember being part of the ambassadors, especially performing my senior solo and acting in the medley.
Most People Don’t Know: I took karate for four years and won second place at an international tournament for sparring.

Amanda West-Valedictorian
University of Alabama

Inspired: Mrs. Wright, Jailen Judson, and Julie Jo Phillips. I have never seen people love like them.
Remember: Starbrush. Sagebucks. Mrs. Rausch shortening absolutely fabulous to ab-fab.
Most People Don’t Know: I have five scars on my body and 20% of them are from a blender.

Erin O’Hara-Salutatorian
Michigan State University

Inspired: The most inspirational person in my life is my sister. I work hard hoping I will be as successful as she is. She motivates me and supports me with schoolwork and everything else in life.
Remember: While I will probably remember staying up late to cram for IB tests, I will also remember the more fun parts of high school.
Most People Don’t Know: I go through a pack of Altoids a week.

Lauren Rumbles-Salutatorian
Oakland University

Inspired: The future has inspired me the most. I have always had intrinsic motivation based upon how I would like to be successful in my future.
Remember: I will remember most the friends I made through my IB courses. We bonded over the study sessions and ten page papers. We made the most of it and I’ll miss them.
Most People Don’t Know: I own over 50 dresses.

Gabbi Farren-Salutatorian
Oakland University

Inspired: Mrs. Stewart, Anatomy and IB Biology have inspired me the most. She and those classes pushed me toward the medical field.
Remember: I will remember being in advanced art with Mrs. Jule. I was able to surround myself with supportive and caring people.
Most People Don’t Know: I take MMA classes.

Caitlin Wiley-Salutatorian
Western Michigan

Inspired: I was most inspired by Efrain Segarra, one of the valedictorians a few years ago who was in a lot of activities with me, and I really looked up to him in all the things that he did. He was one of the reasons I took on as many leadership roles as I did in high school.
Remember: My favorite memory from high school has been getting to ski every day in the winter with my teammates on the ski team.
Most People Don’t Know: I make delicious waffles.