The softball facilities receive renovations


PHOTO Fenton Varsity Softball Facebook Page

This custom-made golf cart was raffled off on May 7 to raise funds for the program.

Sydney Bommersbach, Assistant Online Editor

Many additions have been made to the softball facilities this spring, including a cement dual batting cage, a speaker system, newly painted sheds with the Fenton “F”, and tiger eye murals inside the dugouts.

“The painting in the dugouts is super unique,” senior Natalie Thomas said, “but I have to say the new speakers are my favorite add-on. Last year all of the announcers had such a hard time because you either couldn’t hear them or it was way too loud. Now when we’re warming up the music is super clear and the whole field can hear it.”

However, these additions didn’t come for free. The softball program got creative and reached out into the community for funds, as the athletic department can’t provide any.

“If you don’t ask you never get,” varsity softball coach Ken Brant said. “Last year we asked local businesses and that helped replace uniforms and helmets. This year is also the second time we got a local custom golf cart company to make us a golf cart for a raffle. We raise funds through that, as well as reaching out to some bigger corporations to help with grants and funding.”

The extra effort to raise money and funds for the softball program directly affects not only the players equipment, but their attitude as well.  

PHOTO Fenton Varsity Softball Facebook Page
A newly painted dugout done by Kevin Burdick.

“I’ve been in the softball program since freshman year,” Thomas said, “and the first two years no equipment improvements were made. Now, it almost feels like someone is on our side. If people are willing to invest this much money into the program, they must really care about it and support it.”

As a Fenton High graduate, Brant tends not to wait on updating the facilities. Although he views creating the program for the future as important, the time for todays season is passing.

“We talk a lot about representation,” Brant said. “I think that the girls see that we care, and that we have a facility that they should be proud to represent. In my eyes, the athletes that are here today are the program. They want it now. I always want it now. We are building for the future, but they deserve it now. I’m excited; we’re not done yet.”

Brant plans to move forward with more renovations, as long as he continues to have support. Enhanced seating for fans, a concession stand and a new JV field is on the horizon for the softball program next.