Opinion: Student sections at sporting events are too rowdy

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor

A four-year varsity hockey player stands in the goal, waiting to catch the puck. He is the key factor in keeping his team in the running for the state championships. It feels like the most glorious moment of his life— that is, until the opposing student section yells “go back to Kindergarten, shortie!”

His five-foot-eight stature hasn’t stopped him from becoming a top goaltender in the state, yet the opposing team’s student section is fixated on it. While the cheering crowd has the best interest in mind, school spirit is no excuse for bullying the opponent’s players. High school student sections at sporting events have become all too rowdy, sometimes to the point of danger.

Fenton’s own students have even walked this fine line, breaking bleachers and knocking down fences. Obscene chants and other aggressive support have the best intents of displaying school spirit, but ultimately destroy the fun of sporting games. No one is asking that students sit silently in the stands, however basic respect for the opposing team should be practiced where it is lacking.

School spirit is an essential part of the high school experience. Cheering on fellow students at a sporting event is part of the fun, and attending games has become a social event for many students. The issue is not in cheering or school spirit, it’s in endangering students.

As much fun as football games are, it shouldn’t come at the expense of students’ safety. Passion is ingrained in sports, which isn’t an inherently negative thing, but can take the fun of the game and turn it into something dangerous. The stands should be fun and exciting, but not mean. It’s important to remember that, win or lose, it is just a game.