Students in ROTC and JROTC plan for life beyond high school

Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

ROTC, or Reserve Officer Training Corps, is a program offered at the Genesee Career Institute for students in the Genesee school district who are interested in the Armed Forces. JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a similar program but meant solely for the high school level. A number of students at Fenton participate in these classes at the GCI building.

“I joined ROTC last year,” senior Mario Ramirez said. “I fell in love with it when we had the field trip to the GCI building. I’ve always had an interest in the military.”

This class not only trains students to be efficient militant leaders but also gives them life skills they can apply in many aspects of their work, school and personal lives.

“ROTC helped me with personal goals, growth, leadership and communication,” Ramirez said. “Through this class, I’ve decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps after graduation because of how disciplined and tough they are.”

The program teaches students skills that will help them to eventually become officers in the Military. Students are also given ranks and tasks to take on as an individual.

“I learned how to help and react in different scenarios,” freshman Adrianna Williams said. “We learn to look at things from other perspectives and how to work as a team.”

Williams is the only freshman from Fenton in the JROTC program, but still faces the same challenges and learns the same lessons as the juniors and seniors.

“Being the only freshman from our school [in the program] definitely gives me more attention because it’s unusual,” Williams said. “The other freshman in the program understand and support each other so it makes the process a lot easier.”

All students, graduates and members of this program have decisions to make about their futures in the military, including Williams who already has ideas.

“After I graduate, I plan on either going into the Navy or the Marine Corps,” Williams said. “I haven’t decided if I want to do college before enlisting or after, but I do want to eventually enlist.”

This program has shown to be highly beneficial in teaching students significant lessons and increased their knowledge about U.S. history.