Silver Lake Beach closed for E.Coli


Angelina Vitarelli, Writer

On Aug. 21, Silver Lake Beach was closed. With a positive result of E.Coli during a water sample, it will remain closed while the water is tested daily. Although autumn is quickly approaching and the beach may not have much more use, it will reopen when the water levels are safe again.

“We had to close the water early before the normal closing date because of the E.Coli,” sophomore Michael Crane, an employee at the beach, said. 

The closing of the beach may seem sudden, though employees were informed early on of the situation. 

“The beach is closed for winter now and they won’t re-open it until next summer, even if the E.Coli goes away,” Crane said. 

As it turns out, the beach reopened on Labor Day weekend and is open for free until closed for the winter.

“From September to Memorial Day, there are no lifeguards and you do not have to pay to get in,” Jake Kennedy, a lifeguard at the beach, said.

The Genesee County Health Department issued the closing, monitored the City Park Beach, and soon informed everyone involved at Silver Lake. This closing also affected all staff at the park. 

“I found out because Noah Maier and I were the morning shift the day after our boss, Lori, did her weekly test on Tuesday night,” Kennedy said. “She texted us that the water would be closed, but that we still had to be there because the rest of the park was open for activity.”

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