Opinion: Hats should be allowed in school


Natily Hall, Writer

Constantly being told “take your hat off,” gets annoying, especially if you suffer from “hat hair”. Hats have been a part of trends for many years, especially during the wintertime when they act functionally and fashionably. During the winter season, hats have become a necessity to keep your ears and head warm, which is why students should be able to wear hats in school.

As winter hits Michigan, winter clothing styles begin. When people come back to school from winter break, one of the things they do is show off the new clothing they’ve received. This may include trendy hats seen on social media.

When coming to school, students intend to look nice, however, bad hair days are natural. Some days the frizz, crazy curls, sprouting hairs or greasy flatness just needs to be covered up. Bad hair days happen all the time, and wearing hats is an easy solution to boost confidence. 

Hats are an article of clothing, just like a shirt and jeans. It does not distract others or the student any more than a sweatshirt does. Wearing hats in school does not affect a student’s learning ability, and therefore does not put a student at a disadvantage. 

Teachers have said that the bills on hats cover a student’s face, allowing them to sleep in class or have wandering eyes during a test. This problem can be easily monitored and is only applicable to certain types of hats, and does not add an extra burden. 

Hats are only a stylistic choice that does not put anyone in danger, therefore should not be against school policy. They simply keep students’ heads warm and cover their oily oily hair.