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Opinion: Lunch change not for the better

Opinion: Lunch change not for the better

Lily Turkowski, Writer September 21, 2022

In the past years at FHS, there have historically been three lunch periods during the school day. This year, the school cut it down to two lunch periods. This sudden change has caused controversy to rise...

Opinion: Two lunches better than three

Opinion: Two lunches better than three

Emersyn Sprague, Writer September 21, 2022

In years past, Fenton High has had three lunch periods, but recently this has changed. FHS now has only two lunch periods. Students say that having two lunches is better than having three. Some reasons...

Opinion: Ghosts are real

Opinion: Ghosts are real

Bree Soule, Online Editor-in-Chief October 5, 2021

Sudden changes in temperature, lights flickering, doors slamming shut, hearing voices, unexplained smells and shadows— these are all signs of paranormal activity occurring nearby as reported by AkitaBox....

Opinion: Hats should be allowed in school

Opinion: Hats should be allowed in school

Natily Hall , Writer January 3, 2020

Constantly being told “take your hat off,” gets annoying, especially if you suffer from “hat hair”. Hats have been a part of trends for many years, especially during the wintertime when they act...

All-year schooling isn’t an effective way to improve student’s scholastic performance

Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor October 11, 2017

With growing student populations and a lack of funding, school districts across the state of Michigan have switched to a year-round educational program, in which schools receive several breaks throughout...

Pro/Con: Are real Christmas trees better than artificial?

Riley Wilson and Samantha Smith December 4, 2014

With the Holiday season already underway, it is time for families everywhere to set up their trees: both fake and real. Content Editor Riley Wilson When it comes to a real Christmas tree, tradition...

Sci-Fi to Reality: The Internet of Things

Samantha Smith and Spencer Baughman November 25, 2014

A proposed development to destroy the limits on the World Wide Web even further, the Internet of Things is a new system in which all objects are connected wirelessly and the data they produce is sent to...

The Pros and Cons of Year-Round Schooling

Carly Riggs and Alexis Megdanoff September 11, 2014

School Isn't Just for the Fall Anymore: Year-round school is a suitable substitute for traditional schooling By Alexis Megdanoff Summer ends, school starts, and students ask,“We’re supposed...

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