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Opinion: Lowering the voting age is a good thing


In recent years, many have been advocating for lowering the voting age to give the younger generation a voice. People want to change the voting age to 17 or 16 years old rather than 18. 

One pro of lowering the voting age is a higher percentage of voter turnout. Research shows that voting comes from habit. The more a person votes, the more likely they are to vote again. So the younger a person starts voting, the more likely they are to make a habit out of it.

Another reason some want to lower the voting age is because 16 and 17-year-olds are allowed to drive, pay taxes, they have a basic understanding of right and wrong and have political skills and understand where their views are on certain topics. Younger people have many responsibilities and have proven that they can handle them again and again. If they are responsible enough to do all of these things, then they are responsible enough to vote.

The most important reason the younger generation should be able to vote is because they are affected by older people’s decisions and how they vote. It is not fair that older generations get to decide on certain topics like war, gun control and other important topics because some of those things don’t affect them. Some of those important topics do however affect the youth, like being drafted.

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Though many think that the younger generation is not ready to vote, they have shown that they are. Many kids have an understanding of their political views and already know which party they will be voting for when they are 18. It is only fair to them that they can contribute to decisions that are affecting their futures.

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  • Ron WrightNov 14, 2023 at 6:34 AM

    I disagree. Too many kids go along with the crowd and don’t think for themselves. If anything I would raise the voting age back to 21! That would give a period of time for kids to get out of the “high school” mentality.We saw this with the drinking age, it was lowered to 18 here in Michigan, and auto accidents due to alcohol went up, the young kids couldn’t handle the responsibility, so the drinking age was raised back to 21. I remember the whole voting age thing started during the Viet Nam era when the activists were complaining that a person could be drafted at 18 but couldn’t vote.