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Voter restriction in Georgia caused outrage

Emmy Johnson, Online Editor May 5, 2021

On Thursday on the 19 of April in Georgia, the Georgia House had passed the Voting Georgia Law on a 100-to-75 vote, later given to the Senate, and was passed at a 35-to-20 vote and given to Governor Brian...

How to vote, for first-time voters

How to vote, for first-time voters

Emmy Johnson, Writer November 13, 2020

An upcoming election is leaving first-time voters confused and asking, “How do I vote?” The answer may seem simple, but with hoops to jump through in order to attain a ballot or even registering to...

Step-by-Step process for registering to vote

Step-by-Step process for registering to vote

Grahm Staib, Writer October 11, 2019

Seniors (and maybe Juniors), our local elections are upon us, with the deadline to register being Oct. 21. This election determines whether or not the Fenton Area Public School sinking fund will be...

A new way of voting for homecoming court is used

Jillian Ferry, Website Editor October 11, 2016

For first time, Student Council organized an electronic voting system for the homecoming king and queen Student Council coordinator Jill Starr and director of technology Kevin Powers worked together to...

 Both with their eyes on their applications, seniors Luke Fralick and Thomas McWilliams fill in their voter registration forms.  The process took approximately five minutes for the 18 year olds.

Fifty-five 18 year olds take first step to vote in May 6 election

Ellie Cowger, Editor-In-Chief May 2, 2014

With the May 6 election approaching, the student council took measures to get as many 18 year old students registered to vote as possible. Brought to their attention by Assistant Principal Laura Lemke,...

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