A new way of voting for homecoming court is used

Jillian Ferry, Website Editor

For first time, Student Council organized an electronic voting system for the homecoming king and queen Student Council coordinator Jill Starr and director of technology Kevin Powers worked together to coordinate the system.

“Many schools pay for a service to do their voting online,” Starr said. “This was free through google forms.”

Students received an email to their school gmail accounts inviting them to the form to choose a king and queen candidate. The form was open until 5 p.m. on Oct. 4.

“The participation dropped because this year people had the choice whether to vote or not, whereas previously you handed them a piece of paper and they circled whatever just because there was a piece of paper in front of them,” Starr said, “but this time people voted because they wanted to vote.”

Students had mixed emotions about the new voting system, but Starr plans to use it again next year and expand on the idea.

“For sure it will be used how it was this year for king and queen vote, I’m not sure about the initial vote, and at this moment we don’t know how to do it,” Starr said. “But that doesn’t mean we won’t figure it out by then.”

The results were announced at the homecoming game on Oct. 7; the 2016 king and queen were Parker Dagenais and Taylor Mowery.